“How To Get Your Dream Job ...Without Filling Out A Single Application!”

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Dear Job Seeker,

You’re about to discover how to get the job you want without filling out another job application…

But let’s start by discussing why you haven’t gotten hired yet…

The 3 Reasons Why Your
Job Search Isn't Working...

Typically, there are 3 main reasons why your job search isn’t working for you…

Reason #1. You’re applying to too many jobs…
And this is actually hurting your chances of getting hired. I’ll explain why in a minute.


Reason #2. Your resume isn’t making the cut…
And there’s a common mistake most job seekers make that will prevent your resume from standing out.


Reason #3. You’re looking in the wrong place…
If you’re like most job seekers, you’ve been replying to online job ads. But did you know that roughly 85% of all jobs are never posted online? That means if you’re spending all of your time replying to online job ads, you’re putting yourself at an immediate disadvantage.

And The Worst Part Is...

    • If you keep using the same approach in your job search…
  • You’ll waste countless weeks and months applying to more and more jobs
  • You’ll struggle to get hired for the job you really want

Basically you’re stuck!

But Don’t Worry…
I’ve Got The Solution For You

In this letter, I’m going to share with you my proven 3-step formula to get the job you want… by accessing the vast majority of jobs that never get posted.

This formula can work for you, even if you’ve been out of work for years…
Even if you’re looking to break into a totally different industry…

And even if you feel your age, your past experience or bumps in your job history could be holding you back.

Why Listen to Me?

Since you subscribe to my email newsletter, I figure you’re already pretty familiar with my background.

But just in case…

Before I reveal this 3-step formula, I want to make sure that you know that I know what I’m talking about…

(Because there are too many self-proclaimed “experts” online saything they know how the secrets to getting hired).

My name is Alan Carniol…

I am a career coach, and I am president of Interview Success Inc., a career coaching and software company that has helped tens of thousands of job seekers get hired.…

And the career industry knows and considers me to be a top expert in the field…

    • I’ve led career workshops at colleges and universities including:
  • Harvard University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Boston University

And Quinnipiac University, where I was also an Adjunct Professor on Careers.

    • Plus, I’ve also led career workshops for prestigious organizations such as:
  • NASA
  • Teach for America
  • Americorp
  • World Bank
    • In addition, my job search advice has been featured in top publications including:
  • Forbes
  • US News and World Report
  • CareerBuilder
  • TheLadders
  • Mashable
  • The Huffington Post

And many other top media outlets.

So, the bottom line is this… I know quite a bit about helping people get hired, and I’m excited to show you the 3 steps you must take to get a job you’ll love in days or weeks, not months or years…

OK, let’s get started…

Here’s my 3-step formula to help you get a new job you’ll love…

Step 1. Narrow Your Search

A moment ago, I explained that a major reason why people struggle to get hired is that they’re applying to too many jobs.

Just about every day, I hear stories of people who have applied to hundreds of jobs, and they’re wondering why they haven’t received a job offer yet, or even been called into an interview.

And I understand how frustrating that is…

But it’s also surprising right?

I’m sure you’d expect that the fastest way to get hired would be to apply for as many jobs as possible.

But, in fact, the more jobs you apply to, the less likely you are to actually get one of those jobs.

Do you know why?

Here’s the answer: when you apply to lots of jobs, you don’t take as much time to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific opportunity… and so you’re less likely to get contacted for an interview.

OK, so what’s the solution?

The first step to getting hired fast is to be more selective in your job search.

By being more selective:

  • You’ll save time – because you’re applying to fewer jobs (jobs that you would actually be excited about getting…) and you’re not wasting countless hours applying to jobs that aren’t a good fit
  • You’ll get more job interviews – because your resume will be so much more convincing

And speaking of your resume… that brings us to the second step in my proven formula.

Step 2. Build Your Case

One of the biggest frustrations job seekers face is that their resume doesn’t make the cut…

I get emails almost every day from people who complain that they never hear back about the jobs they apply for.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience… It’s like your resume just vanishes into a black hole.

It can be so frustrating…

So, what can you do to make sure your resume gets noticed?

I want to share the #1 resume mistake I see… and how to fix it, so your resume lands on the top of the hiring manager’s desk.

The most important part of your resume is what you include in the bullet points.

Your bullet points are where you describe the details of your past experiences, skills and accomplishments.

And the biggest mistake is simply putting “responsible for:” and then giving a general laundry list of the responsibilities from your previous job description.

When you just list your responsibilities, it sounds so generic.. it doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd… and it doesn’t help to position you as somebody who can get results and add value to the organization.

Instead, you want to present a list of bullet points showing what you actually accomplished. Make it specific and tangible, so you show a track record of success. That way, your future employer can see how you will generate results in the organization.

Let me show you exactly how to do this…

I’m going to give you one of the most effective techniques you can use to strengthen your resume. Specifically, I’ll show you how to create bullet points that will impress anyone who reads your resume.

I call these “Action-Result” Bullets.

Here’s how it works…

Start by using an Action Verb at the beginning of the bullet point…

…and then end the bullet point with a specific, quantifiable Result that you generated.

Let me give you an example…

    • If your last job was in sales, you would NOT list:
  • “Responsible for: sales”

That’s what most sales professionals would put on their resume. But you don’t want to make that mistake.

I want to help you stand out from everybody else.

Here’s what your bullet points would say instead:

  • Generated $540,000 in new revenue” or
  • “Acquired an average of 8 new client accounts per month.”

Doesn’t that sound more impressive?

See how that gives a more specific picture of what you accomplished?

This may seem like a minor detail, but this is exactly the type of thing that helps certain candidates gain an edge when there are dozens or even hundreds of applicants for a job opening.

By using action verbs like “Generated” and “Acquired,” you demonstrate that you’re an action-taker. And by using specific numbers, you show that you get results.

These numbers create power in your resume. They help you stand out from other applicants and show the depth of your experience.

This one tip alone will help your resume stand out… (and I’ve got dozens of additional tips like that to help you create a bulletproof resume.)

However, even if your resume is rock solid, you could still be passed over… Especially in today’s job market, the average job posting will receive hundreds of applicants.

To gain an edge over the competition, you’ll need more than a solid resume…

In fact, the best way to make the cut has very little to do with your resume itself…

And that brings us to the third step in my 3-step formula…

Step 3. Get Connected

The absolute best way to ensure your job application makes the cut is to get connected…

I’m talking about getting your resume personally forwarded to the hiring manager by someone who you know who already works at the organization.

Without a doubt, having an inside connection is the fastest way to get your resume moved from the no pile to the yes pile.

Now, you might be thinking, “Great, but how do I make these connections? I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth…”

Well, actually, making these types of job-getting connections is much easier than you would think… (and I’ll explain exactly how to do it in just a minute – so stay tuned…)

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the power of getting connected (or “networking” as many people call it…)

But here’s something you might not know…

When you get connected, you’ll tap into job opportunities that are hidden from the public.

What do I mean by “hidden from the public”?

Well, many organizations, especially smaller ones, NEVER post jobs publicly at all. Instead, they simply hire when the right person comes along, often when the right person gets introduced to them by an employee already inside the organization.

It’s been estimated that 85% of job openings are part of this hidden market.

I call this…

“The Hidden Job Market”

Remember earlier when I said if you’re spending all of your time replying to online job ads, you’re putting yourself at an immediate disadvantage?

This is what I’m talking about… There are literally 5X more jobs available in this “Hidden Job Market” —

And right now, I want to share something with you…

Use This Simple (But Powerful)
Networking Technique To
Get More Job Offers

This is a simple, but powerful technique you can use right away to start building these types of connections, so you start tapping into the Hidden Job Market and get hired faster…

I call this technique “The Door Opener.”

(And I think you’ll be surprised at how easy this is)

Here’s how it works:

First, you reach out to somebody you already know in your industry (either via email or LinkedIn).

You just ask for a 10 or 15 minute conversation. It can be over the phone, or you can meet up for a coffee.

Most people will say yes to this type of request. It’s not a big deal. (And I’ve got word-for-word templates you can use when reaching out.)

When you’re talking to the person, you just ask about the type of work they do and what is happening in the industry today. You listen. You share ideas.

And here’s the really important thing: Do NOT ask for a job.

In fact, don’t even suggest you are job hunting.

That’s what most people do when networking for a job… but if you do that, it will make you seem desperate. Believe me, it will totally backfire, so don’t do it.

Instead of asking for a job, you’ll ask for something else – something very easy.

After you chat for 10 or 15 minutes, you thank them for their time, tell them how much you enjoyed meeting.

And then you ask this simple, but powerful question: “Who else do you recommend I meet with?”

That simple question will open doors and crack the Hidden Job Market open for you…

Simply repeat this same process a few more times.

And then, before long… You’ll be in the midst of one of these informal conversations and someone will say…

“Why don’t you e-mail me tomorrow so we can

schedule a time for you to come in and

meet the other members of the team?”

And just like that, you’re being considered for a job offer!

I’ve taught this technique to thousands of job seekers, and this technique works so well, you’ll be amazed.

Seriously, this is one of the most powerful ways to tap into the Hidden Job Market and get hired fast.

Here’s How It Works….

OK, now let me connect the dots for you, so you can see how the whole formula works…

Here are the 3 steps to get the job you want:

Step 1. Narrow Your Search

First you need to narrow your job search and only apply to jobs that are a perfect fit for you, so you save time and build your confidence…

Step 2. Build Your Case

Then you need to strengthen your resume…. so you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Step 3. Get Connected

Finally, use networking techniques to open doors, get connected and get hired faster.

Now It’s Up To You….

Okay, so if this making sense for you, then let’s talk about how you can make a change to your job search, so you get the job you want…


Until recently, you basically had just 2 options to improve your job search…

Option #1. Do It Yourself

The first option is to do it yourself…

Basically, you can read books… you can also learn from trial and error… and that’s how most people learn.

But there are a couple problems with this approach.

First of all, it takes a lot of time… and you probably can’t afford to spend months improving your job search.

Also, the reality is that it’s really hard to improve your job search without some outside perspective and expert feedback on your resume and networking skills.

…which brings us to option #2..

Option #2. Hire a Coach

The second option is to hire a career coach to narrow your search, polish your resume, and improve your networking skills.

However, career coaches are expensive. They routinely charge $1,000… $2,000… even $5,000 or more for a series of sessions that often take weeks or months to complete.

(I know because I’m a career coach)

But don’t worry, I’m NOT suggesting that you invest $1,000 or a couple months of your time with a coach.

While 1-on-1 career coaching is the perfect solution for many people, I realized that most job seekers don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in the process…

Plus, if you want to get a job as soon as possible, then you don’t want to wait weeks or months to get the insight and advice you need to succeed in your job search.

Finally, There’s A Better Option...

Over the last two years, I developed a self-directed job search training program that allows you to improve your job search and get hired as quickly as possible, all from the comfort and convenience of your home…

Best of all, you can get real benefits from the program in as little as 1 week…

It’s called…

“The Dream Job Formula” is an online training program that helps you land your dream job by accessing the many, many job openings that never get shared publicly. There are 3 parts to this formula…

The first part is your…

“Custom Job Search Plan”

The first step in a successful job search is to narrow your focus… and it all starts by taking an accurate assessment of your unique profile of motivations, strengths, values, and personality traits.

…and then creating a custom-built plan to get the job that’s perfect for you.

And I’ve created an online tool that does all of this for you.

The tool is based on the same process I use when coaching clients (who pay me $150/hour), except you can do it on your own via your computer in less than 30 minutes.

It’s very easy to use and requires absolutely no mental “heavy lifting” on your part. All you do is answer simple multiple-choice questions about yourself…

…and then based on your answers, we create for you a downloadable Custom Job Search Plan, available instantly, which will help you find your ideal job opportunities quickly and easily. You can complete the online questionnaire and have your custom job search plan in less than 30 minutes from now.

OK, here’s the second part…

“The Ultimate Resume Template”

Over the years, I’ve reviewed tens of thousands of resumes… and I’ve also consulted with dozens of recruiters and hiring managers about what they look for in resumes and what turns them off.

As a result, I know exactly what it takes to create an effective resume that gets you called in for an interview. And I also know all of the common mistakes that cause resumes to get ignored or thrown in the trash.

And based on my experience coaching tens of thousands of job seekers, I’ve created “The Ultimate Resume Template”

The Ultimate Resume Template is a simple downloadable resume template (in Microsoft Word format) that you can start using right away to position yourself perfectly for your dream job.

Also, I’ve created variations of this template to fit your unique scenario – such as whether you’ve been out of work for a while, or if you’re a full-time student, or if you’re looking to make a major career change.

And, in addition to my proven resume template, you also get my…

“Insider Resume Secrets” Guide

…that shows you how to use my template to create a compelling resume in just 1 day… Plus, dozens of common resume mistakes to avoid.

    • You’ll discover:


  • What types of font and font sizes you should use (and which to avoid)
  • Top 3 concerns of hiring managers (and how to address them in your resume)
  • The “Arm’s Length” rule of resume formatting
  • Why most people shouldn’t include an “Objective” in their resume
  • When it’s OK for your resume to be more than 1 page long
  • Why it’s a good idea to include an “Activities” section at the end of your resume
  • How to structure your resume if you’ve been out of work for a while
  • How to organize your resume if you’re currently a full-time student
  • 17 words and phrases you should NEVER put in your resume (because they are proven to turn off hiring managers)
  • And much more…

And here’s the third part…

It’s called…

“Cracking the Hidden Job Market”

Cracking The Hidden Job Market is my step-by-step course on how to use networking to get your foot in the door and get hired faster.

    • You’ll discover dozens of proven networking tactics including:


  • Word-for-word email templates you can use to schedule networking conversations
  • How to find the email address of new contacts you’d like to connect with
  • 3 easy ways to grow your network on LinkedIn
  • 4 steps to get a new job using Twitter
  • How to use Facebook to find new job opportunities

And many more online and offline networking techniques…

In addition, I’ll also show you how to quickly clean up your social media profiles… so you remove any embarrassing information (or images) that could hurt your job search efforts.

    • Plus, inside The Dream Job Formula members’ area you’ll also find dozens of additional job-getting tips and resources such as:


  • How to properly format your LinkedIn profile (your “online resume”)
  • How to quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry
  • “Before and after” resume makeover case studies
  • 225 action verbs you can use to strengthen your resume
  • Sample cover letters you can copy and customize
  • And much more…

In short, you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to get the job you want.

So order right now and you’ll get:

  • Custom Job Search Plan ($97)
  • Ultimate Resume Template & Guide ($197)
  • “Cracking The Hidden Job Market” Course ($297)

Total Value = $591.00
Regular Price: $297.00

Only $147!

Now, you may be wondering…

“Will This Really Work For Me?”

That’s a fair question, and the answer is YES!

    • I’ve helped all types of job seekers, including:


  • People who have been out of work for years, and looking to re-enter the workforce
  • College students and recent grads entering the job market
  • People changing careers or starting a 2nd career
    • As well as:


  • PhD, MBA & Master’s students
  • Business professionals
  • Non-profit focused individuals

Here’s just a sample of the thousands of success stories I’ve received from students of mine who have received job offers as a result of my training and advice…

This first one is from David in Arizona who was struggling to find a job…

Here’s what he wrote to me, after going through my training…

“I Got An Offer. What a Relief!”

“I had been employed by the same company for 30 years. After being laid off in 2009, I had no clue of what to do. Honestly, I spent the first six months very depressed and unable to do almost anything. It was tough. Then I found out about Alan’s system. And following it, I was able to land an interview and then get an offer with an amazing opportunity the next day. What a relief! I highly recommend it.”

– David M.

Chandler, Arizona

And here’s a quick story from Alice who used my training to get her dream job…

“I Was Even Offered More Pay!”

“I highly recommend this product! It gave me the confidence to secure employment at a company I had been applying to for years with no success. I was even offered more pay than what I asked for. I am very happy with my dream job! So glad I purchased this product! I don’t think I would have felt so prepared without it!”

– Alice W.

San Francisco Bay Area

And here’s a note I received from Gus in Michigan, who used my training to land his dream job…

“I Landed My Dream Job!”

I worked for almost 19 years in the same company… and… I’ve been struggling to find a job for the past 15 months.…After looking for dozens of programs online, I finally found Alan’s program. And he MORE than delivered on his promises…The assessment tests and the personalized report showed me exactly what I needed to become memorable and powerful as a candidate…after about 6 weeks, I landed my dream job. I couldn’t have done it without Alan and his program.”

– Gus H.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

And my list of satisfied clients goes on and on…

But if that’s not enough to convince you that my program is right for you, then I’ll do you one better…

– Gus H.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

And my list of satisfied clients goes on and on…

But if that’s not enough to convince you that my program is right for you, then I’ll do you one better…
– Gus H.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

And my list of satisfied clients goes on and on…

But if that’s not enough to convince you that my program is right for you, then I’ll do you one better…

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not amazed by how quickly you win a job offer, then simply email me and let me know any time in the next 365 days. I’ll immediately refund 100% of your money – no questions asked.

You only pay if it works… Isn’t that the way it should be?

Here’s Everything You’re Getting:

  • Custom Job Search Plan ($97)
  • Ultimate Resume Template & Guide ($197)
  • “Cracking The Hidden Job Market” Course ($297)

Total Value = $591.00
Regular Price: $297.00

Only $147!

Think about It… You’re getting all of this for less than $200… If you don’t like it you get your money back. And even if you ask for a refund, you can keep ALL of the bonuses as my gift to you, just for giving this a try. If you’re ready to have my proven system work for you, click the “Add to Cart” button below and order through my secure online shopping cart. To Your Success! Alan

P.S. Now, if you’re sitting on the fence… then just imagine what’ll happen if you don’t take action today…

How will tomorrow, and next week, and next month be any different?

Are you really going to keep applying to more and more jobs?

Are you really going to keep sending your resume out again… and again… and again?

If you’re serious about getting the job you want, then take action right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

    • Here’s everything you’re getting:


  • Custom Job Search Plan
  • Ultimate Resume Template & Guide
  • “Cracking The Hidden Job Market” Course

And you risk nothing, because you’re covered by my 365-day money-back guarantee.

Click the “Add to Cart” button right now to take advantage of this special price.

Total Value = $591.00
Regular Price: $297.00

Only $147!