Referral to Hired Step 3 – Note on Professional References

Some of your most important allies in your job search are your professional references. I mean the references that might be listed on your resume or application, as former colleagues who can speak to the experience of working with you. These are your former bosses, close coworkers, and mentors who you hope put in the […]

Case Study: Turning an Okay Resume into a Great One Right now, we are going to look at two versions of the same resume, an “okay” version and a much-improved version. I will walk you through exactly why the second version is so much stronger. This resume was for a top college student who was friends with the director of career services at his […]

Networking – Find Conversation Partners A group of people can do more than one person alone. This is true in your job search too. There are people in your life who can help you get hired. They can help if you are going after specific job openings, targeting specific companies, or building from relationships. Your network of friends, family, […]

Creating Your LinkedIn Profile Today, LinkedIn has become the online version of your resume. And it’s nearly as important as the original version. When surveyed, 83% of employers expect to use social media to find candidates, and over 75% already use social media to evaluate candidates. In addition, 98% of recruiters use LinkedIn and 94.5% have successfully hired […]

Bonus 3 Negotiate A Higher Salary

Let’s face it. It’s in the company’s best interest to pay you the minimum amount you need to stick around. But you probably want to earn more than your personal minimum. How do you get paid more money for a job? The first step, and for some people the hardest step, is to ask for […]

Bonus 2 The 79 Point Interview Checklist

In this special report, I’m sharing with you 79 points that you need to help you be your best in you next job interview. You’ll gain valuable insights into how to prepare for your next interview, answer questions correctly, and avoid common mistakes that prevent people from getting the job offers they deserve. NOTE: Any sample […]

Bonus 1 Becoming Your Own Boss As A Freelancer

While you’re working on your job search, you might want to consider doing some freelance work at the same time. If you are currently unemployed, this can help you bring in some money (maybe more money than you would make opting to take a low-paying part-time job while searching, as many people do). The other […]

Lesson 4.5 Hold Yourself Accountable You now have the tools you need to land the job. By applying these tools, you can get invited to interviews for the jobs you want. The key is to invest the time to allow yourself to be successful. The more time you invest in taking action through this process, the faster you will […]

Lesson 4.4.9 Using Twitter to Find a Job in 4 Steps Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, are mainly built upon the premise of establishing online connections. But what’s really potent about creating a social media presence is — aside from having your own network of online friends — that you can have mammoth access to literally thousands of job opportunities and possibly […]

Lesson 4.4.8 How to Find Contact Information: Nitty-Gritty Details Sometimes one of the hardest parts of finding a new networking contact is figuring out how to connect with them. You can reach out to these individuals using LinkedIn’s messaging system, especially if you decide to pay for a Premium membership. This allows you a higher limit of messages to people that you aren’t […]