Step by step instructions,
worksheets and examples.


Step 1: Stop Looking Ordinary

Every day, tens of thousands of job seekers spend hours scouring the web for postings to submit their resume. They trust the hiring manager to recognize their talent among hundreds of applicants. But, with so many applicants, it’s hard for employers to find the truly qualified people.

And for you? This method devalues the skills, talents and dedication that you bring to your job. It takes everything you are as a person and flattens you to one piece of paper. It’s time to make sure you are recognized.

Step 2: Choose a New Strategy

What are your goals – what do you want? What are your talents?

Every person has a unique set of skills and background. This is what makes you valuable to an employer. Even your “limitations,” be it switching careers, your age, time out of the workforce, can be assets.

When you design your job search around what you want and what you offer, you will have a huge advantage. You will gain focus. You will find new opportunities. You can apply more effective strategies. And, other people can help you succeed.

Step 3: Build Your Case

Across your career, you have dozens of impressive accomplishments. But, you might have dismissed them as “just doing my job.” Your core talents are used so often, that you might forget they exist.

Yet these abilities are exactly what employers are looking for. Before giving you a job offer, they want to know you have the skills they need. Employers are desperate to hire people they can trust to do the job.

Don’t bury your talent. Once you’ve built your case on core talents and accomplishments, you’ll be in control of your search.

Step 4: Find Opportunities

Where is the best place to find a job? It’s been estimated that 85% of jobs are never posted publicly. They are only found in the “hidden job market.”

These hidden jobs are not out of your reach. They are accessible to anyone,including you. It simply requires you to approach your job search differently.

By making this change, you’ll find employers who are excited to hire you. While most job seekers fight over the 15% of jobs that are easy to find, you’ll have unique opportunities.

Step 5: You Got The Job!

By taking control of your job search, you won’t have to wait months to get results. You won’t have to settle for the first job offer that comes along. Instead, you can land the job you desire and deserve.

And you can savor the rewards of the right job – doing work that you enjoy each day, working with people that make your job more satisfying, earning a salary that enables you to take care of yourself and your family, and feeling proud of what you do.